March Birchbox Review

This is my third Birchbox I’ve received, and I’m still loving it so far. It’s like mini-Christmas every month! As with my previous posts, I’m going to do a review on each product, and note, this is not a sponsored post.  This month, the theme was Spring Forward, with products geared towards getting you Spring ready.


First, the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangler. I don’t know if this happened with anyone else, but this was a packaging fail.  I pumped the little top but the product just never came out! It smells good and I have used it a few times, but it is annoying to have to take the cap off, dab a little product on my hands, and run through my hair instead of spray it. It smells really good, and I like the way it makes my hair feels, so hopefully this is just a one-off on packaging.

birchbox detangler

Next, the Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face. I am a huge fan of tinted moisturizers and BB Creams, but I think I preferred the Origins one in my first box to this one.  This product provides little color coverage, but I can definitely see this being something to toss in my bag during the summer since it is matte.

birchbox coola

A big hit this month for me was the Gilchrist and Soames London Collection Body Lotion. I LOVED this, it may have been my favorite thing in the box. Smells light and wonderful for Spring, and it’s moisturizing but non-greasy. What else can you ask for in a lotion? This may be a little luxury purchase for me!

birchbox lotion

Birchbox knows I’m obsessed with mini perfumes, so I was glad to try the Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom. I usually prefer citrusy and light scents, but this vanilla musky scent is a nice little change up.  This is why I love mini perfumes, it’s fun to mix it up! I have a small box filled with mini perfumes, but keep them coming!

birchbox perfume

The lifestyle item in my box this month was Tea Forte minteas. These sugar free mints are touted on the packaging as slimming because they contain cinnamon and matcha. Sorry Birchbox, but I don’t buy that. Cool packaging and interesting flavor mint (Lindsay and I agreed it was like an Altoid mixed with Big Red) but I don’t think this little mint is really going to do much in the slimming department.

birchbox mints

The random bonus item this month was a Ghiradelli’s Cherry Tango Square. You can’t go wrong with chocolate! I didn’t try this yet, but it was fun to have this little treat in the mix.

birchbox chocolate

This month was not my favorite Birchbox between the packaging fail and the non-coverage tinted matte moisturizer, but the delicious smelling lotion was a huge plus.  It’s all about sampling things, so sometimes they aren’t all favorites! I still love Birchbox and think the items you receive for $10 a month are always a great value.

birchbox march 2014

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber, you can use my invitation code here:

Until next month’s review!

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9 thoughts on “March Birchbox Review

  1. Carly

    Such a bummer about the detangler packaging since it sounds like an otherwise great product! I love perfume samples as well! They’re so perfect for traveling, or for when you want to change things up & go with something a little different you might not want to spend the money to buy a full-size bottle!

  2. Jill Katz

    I also got the hair detangler and the first time I tried to use it the same thing happened– nothing came out. I let it sit there a few more days and tried again, and now it works. Random!

  3. Biana

    I love that their stuff usually comes in sample sizes because it’s perfect for travel – I still have so many items from I used to be signed up for birch box! Huge fan of the detangler!!

  4. Liz

    I did not get chocolate! I got stupid tea! (Don’t get me wrong-I love tea – but when chocolate is involved I always choose chocolate.) I may have some birchbox envy.

  5. Cassie

    Love your blog!! Found it via the Five on Friday Linkup! :)
    I think I may need to invest in this Birch Box thing… my husband will not thank you!

  6. Kim

    I love that detangler! My first sample stuck too, I removed the pump and ran it under hot water to degunk it and that seemed to work. I loved it so much I bought the full sized product and LOVE IT.


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