Tuesday Tea: Weekly Menu

It felt so nice to get back on track with a bunch of delicious (and fairly quick!) recipes this week. I’m so excited for warmer weather, Farmer’s Markets, and grilling, but as of this morning, I’m watching some snow fall. Ah!

Today I want to share my weekly menu of the homemade meals we ate last week. I try to make fairly easy and fairly healthy recipes, as we have been trying to eat well and avoid eating out.

Meal One: Beef Enchiladas with Refried Black Beans

I browned one pound of lean organic beef, and added a simple taco seasoning mix to it. Meanwhile, I made this enchilada sauce (but subbed beef broth in for chicken broth) and allowed it to simmer. Instead of straining the onion and garlic, I kept it in there for extra flavor. I put a layer of beef in the tortillas, rolled them up, and topped with enchilada sauce and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I served with refried black beans (new from Old El Paso – pretty good!) and of course, we don’t do any sort of Mexican night without homemade guacamole. Yum!

beef enchiladas

Meal Two: Shrimp Pad Thai

We have homemade pad thai just about every other week. This week I used shrimp, but I also added in some carrots and mushrooms. I liked adding in the extra veggies, but I am still waiting for ANY grocery store to stock some bean sprouts! I definitely liked the additional vegetables in our pad thai, so they will probably be a staple now.

shrimp pad thai

Meal Three: Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna Roll Ups with Meat Sauce + Side Salad

We haven’t had these in a long time! A quicker and healthier version than your standard lasagna, I followed along my original recipe. Served with a side salad (which ended up just being spinach with Italian dressing), and we also froze a few for an easy dinner some other time.

lasagna roll ups

Meal Four: Tuna Pesto Pasta + Side Salad

This is one of Erik’s favorites, and it’s super easy!  For this round, I used wheat penne pasta and really delicious canned albacore tuna from Trader Joe’s. I am looking forward to some cold pasta dishes with Spring!

tuna pesto pasta

Meal Five: Trader Joe’s Spinach Pizza + Side Salad

This is why I like to have some delicious frozen meals on hand.  After a long weekend of housework (and an unfortunate slicing of two fingers during some home improvement) I was not about to be slicing vegetables for dinner. Chef Erik added turkey pepperoni to our favorite Trader Joe’s spinach pizza and served with a side salad of mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, and champagne pear viniagrette. Served in dim lighting because I was watching TV with dinner.

trader joes spinach pizza with pepperoni


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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea: Weekly Menu

  1. Pamela Bannon

    Renee! That looks delish! I am SO going to make that pad thai soon! Eeeeks! I keep missing the link up! I totally forgot to participate this week! Next week I am definitely in!

  2. Kasey

    WOW, I want to make every single one of these meals right now. They all look SO delicious. And I like that you try and make it waist friendly…my hips and thighs thank you! :)


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