Tuesday Tea: A Little Catch Up

Things have been pretty busy around here, so I’m going to pop in with a few things that I would say if I were meeting up a girlfriend for coffee (or tea!).

First off, two weekends ago I finished painting our red accent wall back to it’s original beige color. Yup, the exact color. As initially annoying as it was to redo the wall, I am obsessed with it.  I feel like between painting it back and the new curtains, I have a whole new living room!  I’m still working on some fun accent pillows for our sectional (pictures to come soon) but I am also loving our new accent table we purchased this past weekend from Target in the teal color.  Oh, and it’s also great to have all those little drawers, which already have some peanut M&Ms and Trader Joe’s gummies in them. No big deal.

Last weekend was a great mix of work hard play hard.  The majority of Saturday was spent doing boring but necessary housework. On Sunday, we spent a fun afternoon out wine tasting before having dinner to celebrate my parent’s anniversary. It was a really fun day and I enjoyed getting to spend some time outside after my allergy meds kicked in.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw those fun pictures. A special thanks to my good friend Kim for recommending the wine slushies at the last vineyard. Delicious!

I also finally finished a book I’ve been reading for what seems like forever. I’m not going to recommend it because I was pretty eh about it.  However, I can’t seem to just stop a book even if I’m not wild about it.  I need to know what happens! I have several books on my shelf waiting to be read, but I always love a good book recommendation.  Does anyone else do this? Have you read anything good lately?

Lastly, I’m in the final stages of job searching, and I’m hoping to make an official job-related announcement very soon.  An almost yearlong mini-retirement sounds better than it actually is, and honestly, I’m SO excited to get back to work.  I’m also interested to hear where you may shop for fun work clothes, especially if you work in a casual environment. My two main go tos are Target and LOFT, but I’m looking to mix it up!


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Tuesday Tea: March Monthly List Recap

About halfway through the month, I started a little list of things I wanted to do in March. My lists are a mix of fun things and housework related to dos. Today I’m sharing my recap of my list.

  1. Rake leaves and debris out of the front yard, to get it ready for mulching and flower planting. Finish trimming overgrown holly bushes. The random snow days we had at the end of the month threatened to sideline these plans. Luckily, I also had a nice neighbor who had extra leaf bags from Home Depot and lent me some while we were both out there working on the yard. The holly bushes lining our driveway can seriously get out of control, but are looking a lot more tame now. I raked all of the random leaves, dead plants, and trash from our yard. Seriously our driveway is like a wind tunnel for random trash to get blown down here!
  2. Go through closet and sort through clothes. Donate anything that I no longer love and start transitioning to Spring clothes. Figure out what clothes I may need to purchase for the new season. This is something I do every season change.  I recently purchased those fabulous velvet hangers that every closet organizer tells you to buy that I have ignored until now. No more shirts slipping off for me! I also changed the direction of my clothes. It made more sense to have them facing towards the door (and the light) instead of the other way. More clothes to Goodwill, and my sweaters are ready to be put away (unless we have more random snow days). Now that I looked through some of my Spring/summer clothes (and wore a lot of it over and over in Manila for eight months) I think I could use a few more summer dresses or skirts.  I tend to prefer them over shorts, and as I said a lot of my wardrobe got a lot of use last summer. I also will continue to employ my “only buy it if I LOVE it” strategy, and not get suckered in by sales.
  3. Finish up Easter lunch menu and make a game plan to tackle preparing everything! More family time vs. in the kitchen is always a win!
    I have this one set and ready to go! I loved Easter last year with both of our families, and I’m excited to host again. Hopefully everyone can make it, and I don’t want to give too much away, but there will be mini desserts involved. My plan involves prepping some of the food and desserts on Saturday, so Sunday can be spent sipping wine and keeping an eye on that Easter ham.
  4. Do taxes, and reward self with a fun new Spring accessory.
    Done and submitted, although I didn’t specifically buy an accessory to celebrate. I did find some cute tops and a dress at LOFT, but maybe a fun new lipstick or belt the next time I pop into Target.
  5. Have s’mores date by our fire pit on a weeknight, and think about plans for our backyard this year. Planting? New chairs/table around fire pit?
    So fun! Even though it was so wet outside, we managed to enjoy at least one s’more, and Kira had a little bite of toasted marshmallow too.  We definitely want to add some more chairs around the fire pit, and will be adding in some vegetable plants (already grown) a little later in the season. Tomatoes are a must!
  6. Create a smoother paper filing system for our family, so there are not papers all over the office.  Sort through current filing cabinets.
    I basically had a giant stack of papers in a basket that was completely overflowing. And another one on the side! Between important mail from when we were in Manila to just random stuff I stuck there, it was a mess. My smoother paper filing system? I eliminated the box! Honestly, that was the easiest way so I don’t add paper clutter. I have some space on top of the filing cabinet for any quick To Dos, and I created a file folder on the side of my desk for any random (non important) things such as switching my maiden name to married name on some accounts (only three years later, no big deal).  I also did an overly OCD filing cabinet sorting system. I arranged it by color (one for home, one for car, one for bank accounts) and made a file for everything so there would be no reason for papers stuck to the side with no place to go. I also shredded and got rid of a lot of paper I know longer needed. For example, old stubs from my serving job, where I last worked for a week in 2007. I’m also taking steps to make everything paperless so there’s less mail pile up, and more room for fun mail!
  7. Go on a sister date to used bookstore to donate stack of used books. Look for new books to read.
    I went on a weeknight with my sister to a used bookstore I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time! I donated a box and small bag of a bunch of books that I no longer wanted, including a bunch of random old cookbooks with ingredients like molasses! The bookstore was HUGE! I love browsing, and with my store credit from the books I donated, I left with four new (used) books, and extra cash credit for next time! I LOVE book recommendations, so if you have some, please send my way. Sister time, decluttering, and shopping all in one Thursday evening. Fun!
  8. Make plans to celebrate our three year anniversary.
    We talked about several ideas, and are leaning towards potentially just a nice dinner out.  We got married over Memorial Day weekend and have taken long weekends to celebrate the last two, but after all the travel while living abroad, we are probably going to skip it this year and maybe enjoy a family BBQ or something. All I know is we will be toasting with our lovely champagne flutes. Love them!
  9. DIY project: Find a fun way to spruce up potted herbs in kitchen (paint? cover in fabric?)
    I didn’t quite get to this one. I found a lot of cute ideas, but didn’t find a fabric I loved or didn’t like painting fun flowery things on the pots when I had herbs inside. I may just spray paint the bottom part with chalkboard paint so I can label the herbs, but I’m still deciding.
  10. Replace front door mats (inside and outside)
    Another not one not quite done. I looked at outdoor mats at Target and didn’t find anything I loved. However, I noticed in our garage that the previous owners left one I preferred, so I did a little switch of the one in our garage and the one outside. Ta da! I’m working on something for the front, although we might end up getting a fun runner to put shoes on as you enter.

That wraps up March’s list! I also want to mention that you will probably see a little less of me on the blog for a bit. If you’re a blogger, you know it takes hours of time to write, take pictures, edit them, and get a blogpost out!  I’m also picky and only like to put out my best work.  I’ll still be around, but it’s been a lot to keep up with five times a week along with my many crazy house projects and just enjoying life. I will still be posting lots of food and Kira pictures on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there too.

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Five On Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe March is almost over, this year is flying by. I’ve been busy doing lots of little home improvement projects this week, and I’m happy with the way the house is coming together. As always, here are my five favorite things from this week.

{ONE} Fun new mug. I have a thing for fun coffee mugs and an inside joke with Lindsay about weird birds. I saw this while perusing the aisles at Michael’s and at $2 it was a no brainier. What a fun way to start the morning!

weird bird mug

{TWO} Homemade pop tart. Erik and I went out to dinner to try a new restaurant this week. I had a delicious short rib sandwich and couldn’t resist taking one of these homemade strawberry pop-tarts to go. Completely delicious with my coffee the next morning. I may have to figure out how to make some of these, but I will definitely be back to that restaurant.

pop tart

{THREE} Family s’mores night. It was finally not raining, not snowing, and not too cold to light up a little fire and enjoy some s’mores. Kira actually loves toasted marshmallows (see her staring at mine?) and Erik and I  got to talk a little more about our plans for the backyard this Spring/Summer. You know what that means? Another thing crossed off of my monthly list!


{FOUR} Staying positive. This quote definitely speaks to me. Sometimes it can be tough to stay positive, but I always believe that being optimistic is better than staying in a funk. And I’m excited for some great things to (hopefully!) come.

something wonderful

{FIVE} Cooking Indian food for the first time? Nailed it! Erik and I love Indian food, and I love trying to tackle new dishes. After checking several stores, I FINALLY found Garam Masala and made this delicious Crock-Pot Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner.  More details and the recipe I followed will be on the blog on Monday with the rest of this week’s menu. P.S. Garlic Naan is always better than regular naan bread.

chicken tikka masala

That wraps it up! Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for following!

I’m linking up with Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for Five on Friday.


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