Tuesday Tea: 100 Happy Days

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m popping in with a little quick update. I’ve been seeing a lot of these #100HappyDays floating around, so I finally decided to check it out. It turns out, this is a fun project where you simply take a picture a day for 100 days of something that makes you happy. It can be anything!

This seems like a pretty good (and easy) challenge for me to keep up with. Maybe it’s just a happy medium when I don’t quite have the time to get to a full blog post, but since I’m typically a glass half full kinda girl, I am gladly accepting the challenge. I’ll be documenting my happy days on Instagram if you would like to follow along!

I’m starting today, so if you want to join in, I’m cordially inviting you! I’m already so excited for this summer after missing out on things like grilling and pool parties while we were living in Manila last year. Except that one time when the guys decided to have a pool party at 10am, but it ended up being too cold to go in the pool. Anyway, this will be a good way to document some of my fun summer happenings. In just a few weeks, it will be our three year anniversary, and that basically kicks off a summer of concerts, polo matches, and lots of grilling.

Speaking of pictures, I also need to take a new family photo of the three of us for my desk at work. Although I am still partial to our family Christmas photo with Grumpy Cat Kira. Maybe Kira needs to participate in her own 100 happy days too!


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Tuesday Tea: April Whirlwind

lisa renee

Happy Tuesday! April has been quite the whirlwind month for me, and I’ve been loving it!  You may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot less frequently lately. And by a lot less frequently, I mean not at all.  For those bloggers out there that follow along, you know how many hours (yes HOURS!) go into putting together a blog post. Between taking pictures, editing them, writing a post, editing it, it really takes quite a bit of time, and I don’t want to publish any blog posts that I’m not 100% happy with.

When I first started blogging, I wanted to use it as a way to post some pictures and recipes after getting a fancy camera for my birthday.  When we moved to the Philippines, it was another way for me to connect to friends and family back home.  It also was something to help me focus on positive things despite the hardships of living abroad in a place I never quite felt comfortable.  I kept it up when we got back but it’s recently fallen to the side.  And I’m totally ok with that!

photo 5 (1)

The truth is, I’ve been busy. I went back to working full time and I am SO happy.  While living in Manila, I figured that If I could move to the other side of the world, I should probably take some time to think about what I wanted to get into when I got back.  I made a slight career change from sales to marketing, and it’s going really well. I’m learning a lot in a great environment, and even getting to help out with things related to social media and even the company’s blog!

photo 4 (1)

Our weekends (and some weeknights too) have been jam packed spending time with friends and family.  We had a lovely time hosting our parents for Easter, and have enjoyed dinners out and trips to local vineyards.  Cooking/meal planning has gotten a little more tricky now that I don’t have the luxury of popping into Trader Joe’s on a Monday afternoon.  As I’m adjusting to being back in an office full time (it’s been over four years since I went into an office!) I’m all about quick and delicious meals.  I just don’t have the time to try to snap a good iPhone photo and do a write up on it, because I just want to enjoy my dinner while it’s hot and catch up with my husband.

photo 1 (1)

I’m sure I will come back to my blog again, but for now my priorities have shifted. I’m SO grateful for everyone that follows my blog, and especially for the fabulous ladies I’ve “met” online.  As creepy as the Internet can be, it was pretty cool having some of my blog friends reaching out and cheering me on through job searching and interviewing.

So basically, I’m still up to the same sassy wife things, I’m just enjoying the moment vs. trying to capture and post it.

photo 3 (1)

P.S. My secret to a fluffy delicious cream cheese frosting for a carrot cupcake is Fluff.

Thanks again for following along, and for participating in our Tuesday Tea link up!


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Tuesday Tea: A Little Catch Up

Things have been pretty busy around here, so I’m going to pop in with a few things that I would say if I were meeting up a girlfriend for coffee (or tea!).

First off, two weekends ago I finished painting our red accent wall back to it’s original beige color. Yup, the exact color. As initially annoying as it was to redo the wall, I am obsessed with it.  I feel like between painting it back and the new curtains, I have a whole new living room!  I’m still working on some fun accent pillows for our sectional (pictures to come soon) but I am also loving our new accent table we purchased this past weekend from Target in the teal color.  Oh, and it’s also great to have all those little drawers, which already have some peanut M&Ms and Trader Joe’s gummies in them. No big deal.

Last weekend was a great mix of work hard play hard.  The majority of Saturday was spent doing boring but necessary housework. On Sunday, we spent a fun afternoon out wine tasting before having dinner to celebrate my parent’s anniversary. It was a really fun day and I enjoyed getting to spend some time outside after my allergy meds kicked in.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw those fun pictures. A special thanks to my good friend Kim for recommending the wine slushies at the last vineyard. Delicious!

I also finally finished a book I’ve been reading for what seems like forever. I’m not going to recommend it because I was pretty eh about it.  However, I can’t seem to just stop a book even if I’m not wild about it.  I need to know what happens! I have several books on my shelf waiting to be read, but I always love a good book recommendation.  Does anyone else do this? Have you read anything good lately?

Lastly, I’m in the final stages of job searching, and I’m hoping to make an official job-related announcement very soon.  An almost yearlong mini-retirement sounds better than it actually is, and honestly, I’m SO excited to get back to work.  I’m also interested to hear where you may shop for fun work clothes, especially if you work in a casual environment. My two main go tos are Target and LOFT, but I’m looking to mix it up!


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